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in the heart of the Mayan civilization

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The Mayan Adventure

Visit an Ancient World

On our tours, visitors gain deep insight into the scientific work at sites currently
under investigation.
We arrange tours to sites that travelers usually do not have the opportunity to visit,
buildings under excavation or investigation tunnels you can explore.
Some of these sites are susceptible to looters. However, because looters will not work
in sites regularly frequented by people, our tours, and your participation in them,
help protect these incredible Mayan sites.

Café Arqueológico Yaxha

on the trail of the Mayans

Café Arqueológico Yaxha is located on the island of Flores in Guatemala and
is the meeting point for the Mayan World. Through our café, we hope to provide
a place where the culturally interested traveler will find comprehensive information
about the Mayans. We offer special pre-Hispanic dishes which were created with
Mayans who still preserve their old traditions.

Study Spanish in Flores

Dos Mundos - Enseñanza de Español

Our Spanish school is located in the heart of the Mayan land.
Come experience two different worlds with us!
Be charmed by the Spanish language and learn more
about the incredible world of the Mayans!